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Recharge in the lap of Mother Nature with a short getaway to THIS island in Goa!

A place where life stands frozen in time, Divar Island is an unexplored and uncommercialised haven for anyone looking to ditch their city life for a while. Located at a distance of hardly 10 km from the capital city of Goa, this island is synonymous with innate charm, beauty and serenity. Connected to old Goa only through ferry services, plan a visit to Divar Island when the pandemic recedes, especially if you enjoy indulging in vintage Portuguese architecture.

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Both vaccine doses & negative RT-PCR reports must for tourists visiting Goa after 'unlock'

With dropping infection tallies in Goa, the state is moving ahead with unlocking interventions but the revival of tourism remains to be a point of concern. As per reports, the Chief Minister informed that tourism will be revived in the coastal state only after July 30, when 100% of its population stands inoculated with the first jabs. Further, reports state that only fully vaccinated individuals with an RT-PCR negative report will be allowed for tourism activities in the state.

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To ensure the safety of tourists & tackle crimes, 2 new police districts formed in Goa

The Goa government on Monday, divided the two existing police districts in the state to four, carving out two new police districts for administrative convenience and maintaining law and order more efficiently. Moreover, this step was undertaken to tackle crimes related to tourists, floating migrant population, as well as dealing with the infrastructure stress caused by constant VVIP arrivals to Goa. "The government of Goa has decided to create two new police districts namely Mapusa and Ponda. Hence, there will now be a total of four police districts with four district Superintendents. This decision will enable better and effective control over law and order, and prevention of crime," the Chief Minister of Goa stated on Monday.

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