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Goa's high literacy rate sets pace for an active vaccination drive in the state!

The state of Goa has been able to achieve a 43.8% coverage of the first dose vaccination here, clocking in a rapid rate of inoculation target achievement. This is a testimony of the public's positive outlook towards clinical resources against the COVID spread. The Chief Minister on Tuesday, further added that the state's high literacy rate may have bolstered the vaccination drive. People are aware of the rise and prevention of the pandemic, thus, are resorting to certified means to control it.

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Free vaccination policy for all adults to now expedite Goa's 'Tika Utsav'

The state of Goa has pledged to achieve 100% first dose vaccination coverage before reopening its tourism industry. The administration too, has resorted to several measures to expedite the overall inoculation process. In this light, the Union's free vaccination policy for beneficiaries over 18 years of age, has emerged as a catalyst to visualise the goal.

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