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7 places in Lucknow that you must visit this winter season to forget the 2020 blues!

When in Lucknow, the chances of you not finding anything interesting to do or any place to visit, is next to impossible because the city houses a variety of things and areas to keep you busy. Starting from ritzy bars where you can let your hair down to unique restaurants which are perfect for your 'gram, Lucknow has it all and how! So here we have listed 7 places for you to visit in the city and no matter how you're feeling, all of 'em are gonna amp up your mood- you just gotta take your pick.

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UP's first-ever Pan Asian restaurant, Goku, is here in Lucknow; Get 10% off on your 1st order

Lucknow prides itself as the Nawabon ka shahar and the cuisines and food available here, are heavily inspired by this tag. Nevertheless, there have been moments when we've craved for an authentic pan Asian spread but instead, we have tasted just disappointment. So to shush our cribbing and cravings, UP's first-ever pan Asian restaurant has taken a seat at Lucknow's Gomti Nagar area. They're serving fresh Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese food and we're already planning on splurging here!

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