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Jaipur's imperial Hari Mahal Palace is where heritage marries modernity!

Do you often get intrigued by the lifestyle of the royals? Then the Hari Mahal Palace in Jaipur will give you a first-hand experience of the royal Rajasthani life. Back in the year 1930, the palace was built as a city residence for Rajadhiraj Hari Singh of Achrol. Located on Jacob Road, 2.8 kilometres from the centre of the city, it is an ideal spot for tourists and business travellers alike.

While one part of the palace is still home to Rajadhiraj Mahendra Singh, the other parts of the palace have been turned into a luxury hotel. The palace provides a traditional Rajasthani touch with modern-day facilities and if you wish to experience the opulence, this is where you have to be, when in Jaipur.

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