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Study by IIT-Kanpur's scientists reveals 50% reduction in chemical concentration in Ganga

A study during the COVID-19 pandemic conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur (IIT-K) has revealed that the lockdown mitigated the percentage of chemical concentration in the Ganga river by at least 50%. The research was anchored by
a team of IIT-K's scientists to ascertain the impact of restricted anthropogenic activities on the water chemistry resilience of large rivers. The site selected by the team of researchers was downstream of Ganga river at Prayagraj, where they studied the impact from March 25 till May 13.

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IIT-Kanpur's 4 Kg helicopter to be a major highlight at Aero India 2021

Bangalore is all set to kickstart the world's first 'hybrid' air show named Aero India 2021 on Wednesday. Among the most attractive highlights of the event would be a 4-kg lightweight helicopter produced by the researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. The innovative helicopter has been manufactured by EndureAir Pvt Ltd. which is a start-up company incubated at IIT Kanpur.

Lightweight helicopter with a list of added advanced features

The aircraft is a marvel of technology not only because of its light-weight but also for a list of advanced features that it includes. Vertical take-off and landing, long-range and endurance, obstacle avoidance, long video streaming and precise navigation constitute some of the prominent facilities provided by the helicopter. As of now, it is proposed that the helicopter will be deployed in areas of medical supply, CBRNE detection, crowd monitoring and search & rescue etc.

Aero India 2021, a step towards boosting India's defence sector

The unique aircraft will be showcased in the 13th edition of India's most famous air show- Aero India 21. Recently, the Bangalore wing of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) received an assignment worth ₹ 48,000 crores for fighter jets - Tejas Mark 1A and India became a part of Indian Ocean Region (IOR) countries. In addition to providing a captivating show of aircraft, Aero India will also celebrate these two achievements.

As per reports, The Union Defence Minister stated that the air show would witness the signing of 200 agreements on the last day of the event which is bound to uplift the PM's idea of Atmanirbhar Bharat. He further affirmed that India is on its path of becoming the most powerful defence economy in the world. With the launch of Aero India 2021, India's defence manufacturing industry is bound for a reformation and the country would grow as a trusted hub attracting defence investments from across the globe. This would surely enhance the pride of the country's defence sector, taking it to a new elevated level.

Promoting collaboration between the defence ecosystem and the economy

Reportedly, the union minister added that the latest developments would unite the defence ministers of the various nations, service chiefs, policymakers, foreign OEMs, industry, entrepreneurs and academia to facilitate better intermingling of ideas and initiation of associative projects. In addition to this, it would also bring to the forefront the policy reforms that have been the key drivers of India's defence manufacturing sector. Programs like the Aero India 2021 provide platforms for collaboration between the country's defence ecosystem and the economy.

IIT Kanpur's 'Bandage' makes it to the country's top 10 amazing inventions

Bringing great acclaim to the prestigious institution, the bandage developed at IIT Kanpur has made it to the list of top 10 amazing inventions of India published in London's Global Business Magazine. The innovative bandage not only provides a quick cure to the injuries on the external body but also prevents the spread of infections.

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