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IMA Goa initiates a web app to assure treatment of infected patients in home isolation!

In an attempt to provide sufficient care and attention to home isolated COVID patients, the Goa, Bardez branch of Indian Medical Association has initiated an extensive web platform called IMACARES. Launched with an objective to provide teleconsultation and other services, the app will help infected patients in Bardez Taluka, as per reports. Additionally, the authorities are trying to extend the scope of the facility across all branches of IMA Goa, at the earliest.

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IMA-Goa to provide free teleconsultation for COVID-19 victims under home isolation!

Holding the unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases in view, the Goa chapter of the Indian Medical Association, has started a free teleconsultation programme for patients who are either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and under home isolation. As per a statement issued by the Goa branch of the association, around 150 doctors across the state have enrolled in the programme. This will further help the isolated COVID victims to avail themselves of medical aid while at home, thus reducing their anxiety and allowing them to follow COVID-19 restrictive norms, parallelly.

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