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COVID centre at Indore's Radha Soami Satsang Beas to remain operational despite fall in cases

Despite a continuous decline in the number of new COVID cases in Indore, the district health authorities have decided to not shut the Radha Soami COVID care centre, in anticipation of the 'third wave'. As per reports, the facility is presently operating with only 6 patients to ensure a ready set-up when the expectant wave hits. Touted to be the biggest in Madhya Pradesh, the Radha Soami COVID care centre has the capacity of handling 1200 patients. As of now, only one block is functional.

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Indore's civic body & health dept conduct tests of those violating COVID norm at major crossroads

Indore Municipal Corporation and the state health department have joined hands to combat the second surge of covid in the city. Joint teams by these two units are conducting COVID-19 tests, at every major crossroad, of those individuals who are seen flouting covid norms. These tests done randomly on individuals, are expected to help flatten the curve in Indore, thereby, easing curfew restrictions at the earliest.

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Indore to adopt a phased 'unlock' plan to relax restrictions from June 1

The Indore District Collector on Friday hinted to adopt a graded unlock plan from June, to prevent an unprecedented rise in the coronavirus cases. As of now, the city is clamped under strict restrictions until May 28, where all activities, other than those deemed essential have been shut. The phased unlock will be initiated after the expiry of these curbs, read reports.

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Vaccination drive picks pace in Indore with the arrival of 17,000 Covishield doses on Monday

The COVID-19 phase 3 vaccinations have been amplified in Indore for all adults up to 44 years of age, with the arrival of 17,000 Covishield doses on Monday. As per reports, around 30 additional vaccination sites were set up here to widen the scope of the immunity drive. Now, 65 inoculation sites will administer the COVID-19 jab to people aged between 18 to 44 in Indore.

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Janta Curfew imposed in Indore till April 30 to contain the alarming rise of COVID-19 infections

In view of the corona curfew's failure to restrict the infection transmission in Indore, the district administration converted it into a Janta Curfew on Wednesday. Reportedly, the scope of strictness and curbs have been expanded and the prohibitory orders will be imposed across the district, unlike the erstwhile curfew which only targeted the urban regions. The Janta Curfew will extend till April 30, read reports and during its course, vigil surveillance has been ordained.

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