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Not a single case reported in Indore in the past 24 hours!

The COVID-19 virus seems to be losing its grip on Indore, as the district reported zero new cases on Friday, for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic outbreak here. Bringing in a major relief, this data points towards Indore's recovery after nearly one and half years of the coronavirus scare.

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Indore's recovery rate exceeds improves significantly with a single case recorded on Friday!

Indore residents heaved a sigh of relief as a single case was logged in the city on Tuesday. As per reports, the positivity rate for Indore has dwindled to 0.01% while the recovery rate climbed up significantly stepping ahead of the 99% mark recently. Reportedly, more than 8,900 tests were conducted under the supervision of the administration on Thursday.

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Indore's COVID recovery tally dips to 34 from 1500 in one month!

Indore's COVID graph has dipped steeply to record a rapidly lowering positivity rate. The positivity rate between June 11 to 17 was reported to be restricted below the 1% mark, denoting a control over the virus transmission and spread. Within a month, the city has managed to curb its infection tallis from 1,500 (on May 15) to fewer than 50, for 3 days in succession now.

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COVID-19 cases decline in Indore; virus hotspots reduced to half in 20 days

The fall in the daily coronavirus cases in the city of Indore has climbed down by 40.46%, where an area-wise case record shows 52% of virus-infected areas reporting less than 5 cases. In the last week itself, the growth of the virus has diminished to 1.3%, resulting in lower daily tallies. Indore clocked a total of 215 new cases on Sunday along with 296 recoveries.

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