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Indore & Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh to get a Police Commissionerate system

The state of Madhya Pradesh on Sunday announced its decision to move in and implement the Police Commissionerate system in Indore and Bhopal. The structural change is designated to improve the law and order in the two districts, putting robust machinery at the people's disposal. Notably, the move will award magistral powers to the district administration, effectively enhancing the reach and scope of the police.

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Indore residents overdue for 2nd dose of COVID vaccine to be denied entry in public places

Aiming for complete immunisation of the target population in Indore, the Health Department has urged the state government to impose strict restraints on those overdue for the second COVID-19 jab. After a downward trajectory of COVID cases in the city, citizens have started ignoring the grave nature of the situation. Reportedly, over 7 lakh people are yet to take their second dose and the laid-back attitude of the public is raising concerns among health officials.

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Spike in dengue cases spurs platelet demand in Indore

Amid a sharp spike in dengue cases, Indore has recorded 16 new infections on Friday, reportedly. The rising scale of vector-borne disease in the city has fueled a hike in the demand for platelet units. Besides Indore, various adjoining districts are also witnessing a scarcity of platelets. The shortage of this life-saving blood component has led to a line-up of patients at the Model Blood Bank of Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital (M Y Hospital).

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Indore's Govt Holkar Science College to get a new terrace kitchen garden

In a move to spread awareness about organic activities, Government Holkar Science College in Indore will get a kitchen garden soon. Reportedly, the college administration has already initiated the plan, which entails provisions for training students, teachers, staff members and city residents for instituting similar gardens at their homes. The interested individuals will be informed about the best practices so that they can grow organic fruits and vegetables within the confines of their homes.

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Tour through the spectacular visuals of Indore with THESE 9 Bollywood movies set in the city!

Over the years, many directors and cinematographers have set their films against the backdrop of some magnificent locations in Indore. With a range of historical monuments, the rich and royal beauty of the city is acknowledged by everyone, especially the patrons of the Hindi film industry. A lot of movies, TV shows and web series have depicted the city in all its glory, creating a panorama of aesthetically pleasing spots. So here are 9 movies set in and around Indore that will take you to the city, right away!

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