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Winters stir troubles for Indore; city's air quality worsens with a drop in the mercury

Indore's minimum temperature continues to drop, brewing troubles for the air quality of the city with the effect of fog and haze. Though the city was relieved from the blanket of fog on Tuesday morning, the rising haze in Indore locked-in the environmental pollutants, reducing the overall quality of the breathing air. Labelled as 'unhealthy', the city's AQI rose to 163 unit on Tuesday at 11 PM. Reports have suggested that the overall index has averaged beyond the units of 200 since the beginning of this year which raises alarms for all city dwellers, especially the elderly, young children and those with respiratory problems.

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Light drizzle makes weather pleasant in Indore; weather to remain cold for the next 2 days!

The people of Indore woke up to a chilly winter morning, that resulted from the light rains on Friday morning. This sudden change in the weather yielded dropping temperatures for the city, attacking the humid temperatures, showering the people with some respite in the form of winter weather. The meteorological department has notified that this weather will extend so for the next two days.

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