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Figuring out post-pandemic getaway options from Indore? Consider a weekend visit to Ratlam!

Remember when Geet from 'Jab we Met' went strolling through Ratlam ki galiyaan? Well, that can be you, as soon as the pandemic loosens its grip! Lying about 140 km from Indore, Ratlam is so much more than its brief Bollywood cameo! An amalgamation of rich history and a dash of modernity, Ratlam was previously known as Ratnagiri and hailed as a significant trade centre in the olden times. It still contains some of the country's booming industries like textiles, copper, chemicals and is an integral railway junction of the Western Railways Zone.

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Approx. 160 km away from Indore, the ruins of Asirgarh Fort is a haven for shutterbugs!

Situated at the top of a mound in the Satpura Hills, located some 160 km from Indore, is the historically and strategically important Asirgarh Fort. Contrary to its appearance of one single fort, it is a collection of 3 forts known as Asirgarh, Karmargarh and Malaygarh. A fine example of the fusion of Mughal, Indian, Persian and Turkish architectural styles in its glory days, this fort now lies in ruins. Famously dubbed as the 'Key of Deccan' by some historians, the Asirgarh Fort holds several stories that are worth the exploration!

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Despite a 'deadly' name, Hatyari Khoh near Indore comes with gruesome legends & stellar sceneries

Lying at a distance of about 31 km from Indore, Hatyari Khoh is so far away from commercialization, that it looks like something right out of a postcard! As filmy as that name sounds, there is no murder investigation running for this breathtaking locale, so don't be misled by the gruesome name of this otherwise beauteous spot. Full of legends that may or may not be true, Hatyari Khoh offers a trekking trail that will relax your mind in the midst of lush trees and a plethora of arresting flora!

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Almost 100 km away from Indore, Mandu tells the tales of Khorasani Imli's journey!

There is an ocean named after India and this feat owes gratitude to the fact that our country had established trade practices with faraway kingdoms, since ancient times! As a result of these trade exchanges, several exotic flora and fauna found their way into our country and one such gift, is a baobab tree planted in Mandu, located some 100 km from Indore. The fruit of this tree, called Khorasani Imli, is relished by localities and tourists alike. Tag along with us as we dish out more details about this eccentric fruit from foreign shores!

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Approx. 138 km away from Indore, Hanuwantiya Tapu is where adrenaline junkies need to be!

If you're in Indore and are craving for a power-packed beach vacay but cannot travel too far due to whatever reason, we suggest you check out Hanuwantiya Tapu; a site that will not disappoint the water-baby in you! This locale is a treat for all the adrenaline junkies out there, with umpteen water sports and if you're in the mood to charge up your adrenaline, you've gotta bookmark this site. Located around 138 km away from Indore, Hanuwantiya Tapu should definitely be on your travel itinerary and here's all you need to know about it!

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