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Rajasthan successfully vaccinates over 5 crore of its eligible population against COVID-19

In a landmark achievement, Rajasthan has successfully managed to administer the COVID-19 jab to over 5 crore eligible citizens. According to a press release of the Rajasthan Health Ministry, the state had provided around 5,00,78,073 coronavirus vaccines, as of 4 PM on Monday evening. With this, around 16.5% eligible population of the state has been fully vaccinated, while 48.5% have received the first dose shot.
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Meet Shivani Meena from Rajasthan, India's 1st female excavation engineer!

Trumping social stereotypes and redefining gender roles, Rajasthan's Shivani Meena has become the first woman in the nation to don the cap of an excavation engineer. Marking her entry in a male dominated field, the IIT Jodhpur alumnus from Bharatpur has been deputed to work in a mechanised open cast mine at Coal India's arm CCL(Central Coalfields Limited). While the girl has definitely unlocked a new path for herself, she has also become an unmatched symbol of female grit fortitude!

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Zero fresh COVID-19 cases reported in Jaipur in the last 24 hours

For the first time since the beginning of September, Jaipur reported zero fresh COVID-19 cases on Sunday. This ushers a much-needed pandemic relief for the district, which was yielding the Rajasthan's highest share of fresh cases, every day. The coronavirus active load is presently limited to only 30 patients in Jaipur, marking a significant healing trend here.

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Jaipur's sepia-tinted history fades as its last street photographer struggles to make ends meet!

Once a favourite amongst tourists from across the globe, Tikam Chand Pahari, along with his 150-year-old vintage camera, is now struggling to find customers. Like most people, this third-generation photographer was affected by the pandemic as street photography, the main source of his livelihood took a blow amid COVID-induced travel restrictions and lockdowns. Read on to traverse the journey of the oldest standing street photographer in the Pink City.

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Undertake a trek at Hathni Kund in Jaipur to channel your adrenaline rush!

At a distance of 17 km from the Pink City, lies a popular monsoon-trek destination called 'Hathni Kund' and during the rainy season, the continuous flow of water makes this locale an attractive spot for the city folks. While myths state that the kings utilised this kund for hunting tigers in the past, it has evolved as a magnet for nature lovers today, standing amidst sand rises, thick backwoods, sanctuaries and cascades. So read on to peek into the breathtaking visuals of this touristy location!

Appreciate the beauty of alluring kunds!

According to many locals, the origin of the Dravyavati River in Jaipur is called 'Hathni Kund', which gives the waterfall its name. Resounding with notable charms amid a peaceful aura, the waterfall appears to be a blissful gift of nature. While exploring, you can also locate another yet smaller kund nearby, which is also replete with a consistent flow of water during monsoons.

Such is the enticing pull of the kunds, that the tourists just can't stop praising their unmatched beauty! If you happen to visit Hathni Kund, you must definitely explore the interiors of the Shiv Temple and Hanuman Temple, situated close to the waterfall and open for all visitors.

Resonating with a calming vibe amid crowds of tourists

Though there are two ways to reach Hathni Kund via the Nahargarh Fort, the route from Charan Mandir (approx 4 kms) is preferred by the tourists. The other less explored way passes through Vidhyadhar Nagar Jungle, which might be a dangerous route to traverse. Some wild panthers and snakes also roam around on the route, so it is safer to take a guide along. While the trek is open on all days, one must not take night trips here

Despite being a wild trail, the delights aggregated along this route are simply endless. On your way, you will encounter a sky full of birds, a variety of flora and a string of other things, that would rejuvenate your soul and be a treat for the eyes. With its Anogeissus Pendula Trees and other lush green plants, this site makes you forget about the hustle-bustle of Jaipur. Even though the kund is crowded during monsoons, you can find your safe space here, to sit calmly and enjoy the beauty of the abundant surroundings.

Venture out to this adventurous location this weekend

So if you are looking for one offbeat getaway, pack your rucksacks, put on your trekking shoes, get hold of your masks and sanitisers to get going with your buddies. Trust us, this is THE break that you need, to break through the monotony!

Location: About 4 km from Nahargarh Fort

Distance: Approximately 17 km from Jaipur's railway station