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Digital Children's Fair to promote civic awareness in kids kicks off in Jaipur!

With the launch of the second season of Digital Children's Fair, a new platform has been provided to young kids for expressing their opinions about the government. Inaugurating the event, the speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly affirmed that the first session of the children's government will be convened on Children's Day, 14 November this year. While the kids are not a part of democratic processes, it would be interesting to know their views about the administration.

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A centre of quintessential local art, Saras National Crafts Mela kicks off in Jaipur!

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan launched the Jaipur Saras National Craft Mela, in an online event on Wednesday. Slated to be held for around two weeks, the fair at Ramlila Maidan shall conclude on March 21. A hub for myriad artists and craftsmen involved in a variety of professions, this fair presents an interesting array of crafts ranging from terracotta products and flower-based herbal gulaal to an enticing collection of pottery, amongst many other things!

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