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Jaipur's innovative mask distribution campaign, the Wall Project, attains 4 lakh beneficiaries

Being one of the most proactive regions in the country, Jaipur has actively been implementing quite a few measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, since the beginning. One such initiative that deserves your attention is the 'Wall project'.

As a part of the state-of-the-art enterprise, Jaipur Development Authority has been distributing masks free of cost to residents across the city. Reaping favourable outcomes, the 'Wall project' has benefitted over 4 lakh people in Jaipur as suggested by the current reports and continues to reach out to more.

Around 5,000 residents collect masks from the wall daily

Reportedly, the innovative idea was initiated about two months ago. Jaipur's civic organisation had established a wall outside its office premises to start free distribution of masks from there. In the past months, the project has evolved successfully in its fight against the pandemic delivering aid to around 80% of its estimated beneficiaries at launch. The wall continuously witnessed the distribution of masks till the Rajasthan government started its COVID-19 inoculation drive and continues to do so till date.

The Jaipur Development Commissioner led the JDA's project for mask distribution and transformed the idea into reality. As per reports, he stated that around 5,000 residents flock to the walk set up at the central location of JLN road to collect masks every day. While teams were responsible for distributing masks earlier, it was difficult to inspect if they were reaching the right beneficiaries. With the erection of this new wall, it was ensured that only the needy users received them. Anybody who is in need of a mask can collect it from the wall, without any hassle.

Taking inspiration from the 'Neki Ki Deewar' Idea

This campaign derives its idea from the Neki Ki Deewar' initiative and is open to donations by philanthropists. The JDC asserted that from their collaboration with the public, the project has delivered benefits to over 4 lakh people so far and continues to do reach out to more and more each day.