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Jaipur's COVID-19 active caseload plummets to negatives as recoveries surpass new cases

December has brought a huge respite to the residents of Jaipur, from the constantly rising number of coronavirus cases. Since December 1, the infection graph of the coronavirus among new hosts has been sloping to smaller figures. This, along with a rising recovery count, has assisted Jaipur to clock a negative active caseload for 11 days in succession, which has further helped to reduce the hospital bed capacity to reduce by half in 13 days!

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Doubling drastically over 339 fresh COVID-19 cases, recoveries in Jaipur rise to 716 on Sunday!

A receded growth rate of coronavirus in Jaipur at 1.1%, has led to the lowering of new cases tally(339) in the city on Sunday. This total, though, stands short in comparison to the number of daily recoveries in the city. With a margin of negative 379 active cases and 794 recoveries in a single day, the Pink City is well on its way to stabilising the infection spread.

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