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Free oxygen resources by Jaipur civic body to ensure safety of needy COVID patients!

Pushed by an unequalled surge in infections and a worrisome crunch of resources, medical establishments across the country are faced with a troubling shortage of oxygen supplies. In a move to fix this problem in the city, Jaipur Municipal Corporation Greater has started a project to provide cost-free oxygen cylinders and concentrators to the needy infected individuals. Through this life-saving initiative, the civic body attempts to safeguard COVID victims in Jaipur.

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15% annual fee rebate to be offered by private schools in Jaipur & other Rajasthan districts!

Amid the horror of the second COVID wave, the Supreme Court provided a bit of relief to the parents on Monday, as it ordered a 15% rebate in annual fees, to be offered by the private schools of Rajasthan. The court also directed that no student should be barred from attending actual or virtual classes over non-payment of fees. There are also strict orders that the schools shouldn't withhold the results of the students in case of non-payment of fees.

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Penalty of ₹1 lakh to be paid upon violating wedding norms amid lockdown in Jaipur & other Raj dists

Amidst the stern lockdown guidelines announced by the Rajasthan government on Monday, penalties have also been drafted, in case one fails to stick to the assigned COVID protocols. The guidelines for the ongoing lockdown till May 17, mentions a penalty of ₹1 lakh, in a scenario where the number of guests attending a wedding goes beyond the set limit of 31. Along with a limit on the number of people, the instructions stated that if the wedding party flouts the set deadline of three hours, another fine of ₹1 lakh will be charged.

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New COVID cases marked at 3,441 in Jaipur with the highest-ever fatalities on Saturday!

Spilling out unmatched fears amongst the citizens in Jaipur, the harrowing effects of the second COVID wave are increasing every day. On Saturday, an alarming number of 3,441 new infections was recorded in the city, stretching the tally of active patients to 39,824. While the recovery count has been stable with 1,348 recoveries registered on Saturday, it is perturbing to note that the highest-ever count of 54 fatalities was marked on the same day.

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Jaipur's COVID graph dips marginally as daily tally of new cases drops to 2,878 on Monday

Amid the high threat of COVID-19 spread across the country, Jaipur is witnessing a downward trend in the number of new cases, which can be credited to a stabilised transmission rate. The city recorded 2,878 new COVID-19 cases on Monday and even though this tally is quite high, it is marginally lower than the previous days and is definitely a welcome relief. At present, there are about 29,388 active cases in Jaipur, where areas such as Jhotwara, Pratapnagar, Malviya Nagar and Mansarovar have emerged as the worst-hit regions.

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