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Jaipur Police to create 'Zero Tolerance Zones' to regulate traffic on the city roads

In an attempt to ensure easier and regulated vehicular movement, Jaipur Police will set up Zero Tolerance Zones at major spots in the city. As per reports, the Additional Commissioner of Police, Law and Order has directed officials at all stations to identify a road under their jurisdiction, which encounters regular traffic problems due to congestion and other issues. Reportedly, the plans entail the removal of obstructions like encroachments and illegal parking spots.

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Encroachment-free section of the heritage wall in Jaipur to be repaired & renovated

Scaling up conservation measures in the Pink City, Jaipur Municipal Corporation-Heritage has prepared a framework to mend and refurbish the heritage wall. As per reports, the civic body will revive the battered wall and initiate measures for revamping the encroachment-free section of the wall. Reportedly, one-third of the total length of the wall is free from encroachments and now, this part will be improved and strengthened with the help of streamlined steps.

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Rajasthan Home Guards Services Officer, Comdt Swati Sharma bags British govt's Chevening Scholarship

Taking a flight in her career, Commandant Swati Sharma from Rajasthan Home Guards is now headed towards studying at the University College London. Awarded with the Chevening Scholarship, the officer has secured a seat in the Risk, Disaster and Resilience postgraduate program at the institute. All set to study at one of the globe's leading academic institutions, the proud veteran of the Indian Army has ushered significant acclaim to herself and the nation at large.

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Proposed underpass at Jaipur's Laxmi Mandir intersection to have facilities for specially-abled

Jaipur Development Authority is trying to include amenities for the specially-abled, in the proposed underpass at the Laxmi Mandir Junction. Reportedly, the authorities are deliberating upon the probable additions currently and the underpass will be the first to have such facilities, if the ideas turn into workable plans. As per reports, an official informed that the current proposals include the setting up of elevators to aid the specially-abled and wide ramps for wheelchair-bound individuals.

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Benefitting students in remote areas, first-of-its-kind mobile library on camels starts in Rajasthan

The current times of the pandemic have definitely proved that necessity fuels innovation. Taking this idea to the grassroots, camels are now being used for a variety of purposes in Rajasthan. When millions of students stand stranded amid the confines of their homes, the authorities are using the ship of the desert to ensure a regular supply of books for them. Through the novel initiative of a camel-borne mobile library, the authorities are fueling the lamp of education for children in far-flung areas of the state.

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