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A sanctum for birders, Jaipur's Kanota Dam comes with a generous spread of serenity!

Attention all you avifauna enthusiasts! We have the perfect locale in Jaipur for you, where you can spot umpteen species of birds flying over a sprawling water body and also stretch your legs, away from the city's monotony. Lying about 17 km from the heart of Jaipur, Kanota Dam is a treasure trove of peace and quiet and once here you'd be looking for every excuse to stay back a little longer. So once the pandemic calms down, you must include this place on your itinerary!

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The iconic Patrika Gate in Jaipur is  a must-visit tourist destination; Here's why!

The Pink City is a potpourri of cultural marvels and each nook of this touristy city, is oozing with snippets of vivid heritage of the bygone past. Over the years, Jaipur has become one of the most-visited places in India, as clans of photographers from all over the world have come in here to capture its stories and charms. This has surely piqued curiosity amidst people who've been bit by the wanderlust bug and now, Jaipur is on almost everyone's bucket list. So in the process of curating your travel itinerary of this city, do not forget to jot down the name of the iconic Patrika Gate.

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