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Immunity drive paces in Jaipur as state receives 4.6 lakh vaccination doses on Monday

The state of Rajasthan replenished its vaccine stocks with the arrival of a new consignment on Monday, consisting of about 4.6 lakh vaccine doses. With this, the state has received around 49 lakh vaccine doses in July, actively pushing its vaccination campaign across all districts. With the arrival of the new consignment, the immunity programme in Jaipur has also been scaled. Until now up to 32,97,240 doses have been administered in the capital city.

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More than 70 centres to administer COVID vaccine in Jaipur from today onwards

After a gap of two days, Rajasthan's vaccination campaign has gained momentum once again. On Monday, the state received a consignment of 8.35 lakh Covishield doses, which is enough for a successful 4-day immunity drive, as per reports. The doses were delivered across several major districts in Rajasthan, including Jaipur, where they'll be administered at more than 70 centres.

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Jaipur suppresses the COVID-wave, active cases down to just 840

The medical expertise in Jaipur has successfully managed to drive the city out of its peak phase, with diligent services, round the clock. In the last week, the Pink City has restricted its daily fresh case tally within the sub-60 range given the decelerated 0.1% virus growth rate. Additionally, higher recoveries than infections have assisted to lower down the active caseload, which presently stands at 840 patients only. These statistics have heavily relieved the city hospitals, where occupancy has been stalled at 3%; a major contrast from the situation post-Diwali when the care centres were packed to full capacity.

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