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Jaipur geologists discover a new species of hybodont shark from the Jurassic era in Jaisalmer!

In a remarkable discovery, the remains of a magnificent aquatic species from prehistoric times have been discovered in the desert state of Rajasthan. As per reports, a team from the Geological Survey of India (GSI), Western Region, Jaipur has found the teeth of a new species of hybodont shark of the Jurassic era in Jaisalmer. This detection has found a place in Historical Biology, a Journal of Palaeontology, in its August, 2021, 4th issue.

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Here's why the vanishing of Rajasthan's sand dunes is detrimental to the ecology of Thar Desert

The grandiose and chromatic sand that covers a large area of Rajasthan, offers a breathtaking experience for tourists, especially those who like to embark upon solo expeditions. Through myriad activities, such as desert safaris and camel rides, travellers get an opportunity to explore the 'Great Indian Desert' beyond its tough living conditions. Among the attractions offered by the Thar are its glorious sand dunes, which deserve a tour by every true explorer!

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