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Trace the history of THESE 5 kebabs from Lucknow, which are symbols of a novel Nawabi cuisine

Synonymous with Lucknow's artistic and exceptional food heritage, kebabs have evolved to garner worldwide acclaim for the City of Nawabs. Finding origins in the royal kitchens of Awadh and other Mughal seats of power, kebabs have now secured an unbeatable spot in the hearts of the masses.

From an exquisite Galawati to a scrumptious Seekh, the umpteen varieties of kebabs entwine tales, which are as interesting as their taste itself. So if you are enticed by the flavours and fancies of these sumptuous varieties, scroll below to read about the 5 kebabs from Lucknow and their astounding stories of inception!

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13 winter-special delicacies of Lucknow that need to be on your checklist right away!

If the city of Lucknow were a theatre, its local food would, without a smidge of doubt, take the centre stage! Lucknowites can rave tirelessly about the epic culinary culture of the city, which is a fine blend of luxurious Nawabi zaikas and contemporary cooking styles. While Lucknow is known to be a city that moves at its own sweet pace, its food and flavours will get you all geared up to get going on an eating-spree! And when you have seasonal specialities rolling out in a long, long list, you will be grateful for the index below that introduces you to the top 13 delicacies you just cannot miss when here in the City of Nawabs, during winters.

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