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Adding to his gold collection, Kanpur's 'Golden Baba' now owns a mask worth ₹5 lakh!

Manoj Sengar, also known as Manojanand Maharaj, has spent ₹5,00,000 to get a mask made of gold that will protect him from the coronavirus. His huge collection of gold items is common knowledge, thereby, he has two armed bodyguards by his side, for protection at all times. Sengar's love for gold is the reason why he is also known as 'Golden Baba of Kanpur' and his latest extravagance has earned him yet another title- 'Bappi Lahiri of UP'.

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Sero survey begins in Kanpur to gauge the levels of immunity developed against the virus

In an attempt to analyse the general levels of immunity developed against the viral contagion, a sero survey was initiated in Kanpur on Wednesday. As per reports, a total of 264 samples were collected from 11 spots across the city on the first day of the exercise and now, they will be examined at the King George Medical University in Lucknow. Depending upon the presence of antibodies in these samples, the officials will try to guage an approximate level of immunity amongst the city folks.

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With an active tally below 600, Kanpur is all set for an unlock from June 1

Ushering in a sigh of relief for the residents of Kanpur, is the dip in the number of covid positive cases across the city. Now that this number has fallen below 600, with 588 active cases reported on 30th May, the state government has announced a phased lockdown from 1st June onwards. Apart from schools, cinema halls, shopping malls, swimming pools and clubs, other establishments will now be functional once again from Monday to Friday and from 7 AM to 7 PM. A detailed report regarding the rules and regulations of this phased unlock are mentioned below.

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IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay & AiRTH collaborate to make an anti-microbial air purifier!

As the new normal has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, the measures that humans need to adopt to ensure their safety have also changed drastically. The regular air purifiers that help humans breathe clean air, are now not enough to save us from the deadly microbes, contaminating the air currently.

So in an attempt to help us breathe cleaner air, safe from deadly microbes, AiRTH- in collaboration with IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay, has created an anti-microbial air purifier. The company claims that this air purifier can deactivate microbes in real-time, even those that are of the size of the coronavirus.

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With awareness programmes & more, Shramik Bharti NGO is helping rural Kanpur fight the pandemic

The acute shortage of necessary amenities- such as oxygen cylinders, during the second wave of the ongoing pandemic, created chaos among the residents of Kanpur. During these tough times, several individuals and organisations have stepped forward to assist the needy and are helping in placating the situation. One among these organisations is Shramik Bharti, a Kanpur-based charity organisation, whose efforts in catering to the rural and urban population of Kanpur are noteworthy.

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