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Kanpur RTO to soon begin WhatsApp lessons before issuing permanent driving license

For the first time in Uttar Pradesh, driving lessons will be imparted online via videos in Kanpur soon. Prior to issuing the permanent driving license, this online training will be provided to all those who have applied for the same. As per reports, informative videos related to driving will be sent via WhatsApp on their registered nubile number. Reportedly, this facility is expected to be rolled out by the end of this month.

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Kanpur RTO brings back Refresher Course for the renewal of Commercial Driving License

The Kanpur Regional Transport Office has tweaked the process of renewing a commercial driving license. The transport authority has set up a refresher course as a mandatory pre-requisite to replace an expired commercial driving license. For this, the RTO has also roped in the Model Driving Training and Research Institute at Vikas Nagar in Kanpur to conduct a 3-day training refresher programme. Reportedly, a completion certificate from this institute will set the ball rolling for the renewal process.

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Driving license procurement to be simplified for Kanpur's rural dwellers

For a long time, the residents of rural areas in Kanpur have faced difficulties in procuring driving licenses. Now, the process is all set to be simplified with private training centres opening in the vicinity of villages. Once certified by these centres, individuals will not be required to appear for the mandated tests in RTO while seeking a driving license. Reportedly, a framework has been prepared under the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act for working out these changes.

Simplifying a process that takes months to materialise

Presently, the Regional Transport Office is authorised to issue licenses for two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and other vehicles. The institution provides learning and permanent licenses through online applications which becomes a very lengthy process. With the objective of simplifying this procedure, it has been planned that driving institutes with the authority of giving certificates will be opened across all villages. Any individual who has this certificate can easily get a driving license without getting into the hassle of driving tests at the RTO centres.

Officers from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) informed that the current intervention would ease out the process of getting a driving license with the help of the local officials. Reportedly, there were multiple requests to initiate private driving schools which prompted the recently proposed additions and amendments in the MV Act. For opening a driving school, the applicant needs to have 2 acres of land, two simulators, two trainers, and a test driving track in addition to a computer room with internet connectivity for online tests. As per reports, the draft is open for suggestions from the public till February 28 and it will be implemented later.

Driving lessons in Uttar Pradesh as a part of Skill Development project

Currently, driving lessons for males and females are being conducted in Uttar Pradesh as a part of the skill development project. Under this scheme, it is important for the beneficiary to receive 200 hours of training experience with two-wheelers, 400 hours with light four-wheelers, and 600 hours with heavy commercial vehicles. The same format shall be applicable to the private driving schools as well.

With a greater rural population learning to drive, the employability and self-dependency of rural residents shall drastically improve. Hence, it is pertinent for the administration to make sure that the needs and requirements of rural residents are addressed. It is only when the government is committed to such interventions that the demands of the citizens stand protected.