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IIT Kanpur to allot ₹50,000 a month to 3 select aspiring entrepreneurs in the power sector

IIT Kanpur will be handing out ₹50,000 a month, to anyone with any bright idea on how to put a cap on electric faults. Along with this, IIT-K will also help the individuals to build their company and will also provide a market for the finished product. This venture will give flight to the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs, who are looking to develop a career in the power sector.

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IIT-Kanpur, ASI to restore and protect historical monuments with the help of Italian organisations

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) has initiated an active step, along with the Archeological Survey of India to revive ancient archaeological exemplars. These two institutions have entered into an agreement, with two Italian institutions, bound by an MoU to seek relevant skills for the same.

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Kanpur to improve town planning by solving the parking-traffic problem at popular markets places

The Kanpur Development Authority has come with a plan to establish an outlining roadmap in the city's popular market places to solve the rising issue of parking and consequent traffic jams, due to haphazard stationing of vehicles on the road itself. These lock-ins at market places lead to concentrated emission of fuel gases which in turn harm the customers and passer-by, creating problems in breathing.

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IIT-Kanpur created an ICU-grade ventilator, costing less than half of the imported ones

Keeping in sight the high number of COVID-19 patients in the country who need ventilator services, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kanpur has developed a ventilator, which is significantly cheaper than the ones available in the market. A startup formed at IIT Kanpur, has created a top-notch quality ventilator in just 2-3 months with indigenous technology and equipment. Imported ventilators are sold at a price of 10-12 lakhs but this new ventilator model is available at 2.5 to 3 lakhs.

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Kanpur's KEM Hall in line for a facelift; light & sound show may begin soon

Kanpur's KEM Hall which is more than a century old, is finally in loop for a much-needed facelift, given that the proposal for its renovation is accepted by the civic administration of the city. The Divisional Commissioner paid the KEM hall a visit on Wednesday and looked into the matters for its renovation. After a thorough round of inspection, he suggested a facelift of the building and proposed a heritage light and sound show here.

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