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Study by UK institutes raises concerns about Kanpur's deteriorating air quality!

Ranked at the 8th spot in the list of the most polluted cities in the world by IQAir, Kanpur is one of the many Indian districts with distressing levels of air pollution. As per a study conducted by the University of Birmingham and University College London (UCL), pollutant particles detrimental to public health are increasing continuously in the city's atmosphere. Through the research, it was observed that PM2.5 and nitrogen dioxide have risen alarmingly, deteriorating Kanpur's air quality.

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Kanpur & Lucknow among the top 10 most polluted cities in the world, reveals IQAir survey

A recent assessment conducted by IQAir has brought alarming results for Kanpur and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. After evaluation on a range of parameters that included 80,000 data points, Kanpur and Lucknow are ranked 8th and 9th respectively, in the list of the world's most populated cities based on air quality index. Additionally, 9 out of the top 10 cities in the report are from India, indicating a dire need for pollution control measures throughout the country.

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Kanpur Municipal Corporation to initiate new plans for tackling rising air pollution in the city

In recent times, Kanpur has often recorded alarming measures of the air quality index. With an aim to reduce the ascending levels of air pollution in the city, Kanpur Municipal Corporation is soon planning to implement a list of measures to control the situation. Reportedly, the organization has received a grant of more than 70 crores for this purpose.

Roads to be refurbished; air purifiers to be installed

The Kanpur Municipal Corporation is working on schemes to combat air pollution in alignment with the development works of Prayagraj. There are plans of setting up a new electricity-powered crematorium at the Bhagwatdas Ghat. The new centre would add to the two existing ones(the second centre is not operational) at Bhairon Ghat and the one at Bhagwatdas Ghat. In addition to this, an electric centre for the efficient disposal of remains of the animals is also in line. This facility would come up at the waste disposal centre in Bhausingh, Panki.

The proposed plan also seeks to revamp the 2 dozen dusty roads of the city and install Urban T air purifiers at around 10 road crossings. The areas surrounding the main drains across the city would be converted to tiled surfaces to prevent the spread of the dirt. As per reports, the chief engineer has asked executive engineers to chalk out more proposals for pollution control and efficient waste disposal in adherence to the given budget.

New fountains to be set up; old ones to be repaired

The current project also includes the construction of new fountains and renovation of the old ones. For this, the municipal corporation has prepared a list of spots for setting up fountains which include Baradevi Chauraha, Gol Chauraha, Shyamnagar Chauraha, Bakarganj Chauraha, Azaad Chauraha, Ratanpur amongst others. Additionally, the fountains at the main road crossings of Kidwainagar, Ghantaghar, Norona, Phoolbagh, Bhagwatdas, Swaroop Nagar, Bakarmandi, Govind Nagar, Shastrinagar, Kakadev and others are to be repaired.

Industrial units in Kanpur to shut on the eve of bathing days in Magh mela

Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board has issued a roster for all industrial units which are likely to pollute water during the Magh mela, to stop all production activities for three days, before each bathing day at the festival. According to the cultural calendar, the Mela will be held from January 14 to March 11 and will have six bathing days in total.

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Traders launch awareness drive to make Kanpur pollution-free, give roses & masks to morning walkers

In a bid to promote citizen movement towards curbing pollution in Kanpur, the All India Industries Business Board officials conducted an innovative campaign that envisions a pollution-free Kanpur. The officials started an early morning bicycle drive where they handed roses to morning walkers, spreading awareness and further encouraging them to give up the use of motor vehicles and shift to cycles for a day.

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