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Kanpur's imperial & artistic Gandhi Bhawan to receive a facelift

Historical reflections reckon through all corners of Kanpur, making it a treasured storehouse of chronicled times and timeless monuments. Amid a string of memorials adorning the city's beautiful landscape, Gandhi Bhawan located in the city's Phool Bagh grounds speaks volumes of the city's glorious past. Today, it has become a part and parcel of Kanpur's illustrious heritage attracting the interest of natives and tourists alike!

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Kanpur's KEM Hall in line for a facelift; light & sound show may begin soon

Kanpur's KEM Hall which is more than a century old, is finally in loop for a much-needed facelift, given that the proposal for its renovation is accepted by the civic administration of the city. The Divisional Commissioner paid the KEM hall a visit on Wednesday and looked into the matters for its renovation. After a thorough round of inspection, he suggested a facelift of the building and proposed a heritage light and sound show here.

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