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20 scientists from Lucknow make it to the global database!

As many as 20 scientists from Lucknow have found a place in a global database that has been prepared by Prof John P. Loannidis of Stanford University and his team and published by Elsevier. Scientists working in disciplines like chemistry, nanoscience, mechanical engineering, material science, bioinformatics, automation, energy, geology and environmental engineering feature on the list. Of the total 1,86,177 scientists featured, 2,042 are from India.

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THESE 5 postage stamps chart an unconventional route of Lucknow's history

Though e-mails, Whatsapp and other social media apps have drastically changed the way we communicate, the Indian Post and Telegraph Department regularly issues postage stamps. Apart from giving an opportunity to philatelists to embark upon a poetic endeavour, these stamps recognise and immortalise historical moments. For the importance that Lucknow holds in the annals of history, its story has been chronicled via these 5 stamps which you must make a note of, whether you are a collector or not!

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Hailed as a medical miracle, doctors at Lucknow's KGMU help a woman on dialysis give birth

In a first across the state, doctors of Lucknow's King George's Medical University (KGMU) have successfully assisted a 23-year-old pregnant woman to go through a natural birthing process. She had travelled to Lucknow from Farrukhabad, seeking the best possible medical care as her pregnancy was quite complicated.

Despite a testing birthing process, the doctors were successful in saving her life and the patient is currently in a stable condition. Further, this procedure is being hailed as a landmark achievement in the field of obstetrics critical care by experts at KGMU.

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Resumption of OPD services in Lucknow hospitals to ease out the backlog of surgeries!

Taking the plummeting tally of COVID cases into account, all community and primary health centres in the state have started with their OPD operations, to rehabilitate patients with general health issues. Consequently, official orders to start surgical services at all district hospitals in line with the COVID protocols, are in effect as well.

In congruence with the dropping infection count and other related directives of the administration, Lucknow's premier healthcare facilities, including SGPGI and KGMU, have recommenced their OPD functions. Now reportedly, over one lakh patients in the city are in the queue for surgeries as the non-COVID services are back on track.

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Lucknow's King George Medical University receives a new air purification system!

Standing tall as one of the best healthcare facilities in Uttar Pradesh and the country, Lucknow's King George Medical University is equipped with prime infrastructure. As per recent developments, the institute has now received a new air purification system. Donated by Pulmocare Medical System and Kerala Samajam, the latest addition to the complex will help in upgrading the levels of air quality and ameliorate the hospital's ecosystem.

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