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Two royal bred horses added to Lucknow's La Martiniere College's stable

La Martiniere Collge adds two more rare species to its stables, in the beautiful form of Bajirao, a five-year-old stallion and Anandi, an eight-year-old mammoth mare, both of the Kathwadi endangered breed from Western India. These royally-bred horses were gifted to the college by Monish Bhandari and his wife, Priya, members of the college alma mater. The horses arrived at the college grounds on Saturday in a special air-conditioned vehicle from the farm of Mumbai and Ajmer.

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Dear Martinians, be a part of La Martiniere's 175-year-old glorious legacy this Founder's Day!

La Martiniere College Lucknow celebrates its Founders Day on September 13 every year in the fond memory of Founder Major General Claude Martin; and though the festivities are different this year, the spirit of being a Martinian remains unchanged. The College authorities completely turned the celebration digital with a private ceremonial service at the School Crypt and Chapel at 9 in the morning. Principal Carlyle McFarland laid down a wreath on the tomb of the Founder, Major General Claude Martin on his 220th death anniversary. The College Church was beautifully decorated for the programme which was open to all Martinians across the globe. Besides this, a Variety Programme in English has been set up today at 5:30 pm which can be attended by each and all.

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Outstanding performance: Martinians in Lucknow celebrate ICSE & ISC board exam results!

La Martiniere College and La Martiniere Girls' College congratulated the toppers of ICSE and ISC board exams with the declaration of results on Friday. The exemplary performance of the students in council exams bring much joy in the chaotic and uncertain times of a global pandemic.

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Lucknow's Dilkusha Kothi is a serene escape from the city's urban rush

Swaddled with ample amounts of fascinating history and culture, Lucknow is a city which is seldom on a quick tour list of true explorers. This city's yesteryear chronicles demand your time as you gently unfurl each of its layers while gorging deep into its true character.

Lucknow is a home to many architectural wonders and its structures are till date, held as prominent storytellers! One such silent narrator is Dilkusha Kothi; located close to the historical La Martiniere college in Lucknow. Tucked away in a peaceful locale far from the urban rush of the city, Dilkusha Kothi isn't frolicked much by visitors but here's why it should be on your to-see list.

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