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On Friday, 6590+ new infections reported in Lucknow; Govt announces lockdown on Sunday!

In a bid to curb the alarming rise of COVID-19, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to impose a blanket lockdown on Sunday, across all urban and rural districts in the state. Reportedly, all services and markets will remain shut on April 18, 2021, to break the chain of virus transmission. However, all emergency services will remain operational.

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Amidst a 21-day nationwide lockdown, Spicejet offers a helping hand to migrant workers

In light of recent events that have occurred almost all over India, Spicejet, the privately run airline, has offered to lend a helping hand to all migrant workers who are stuck in Delhi and Mumbai. Since a major chunk of the migrant labour in these two big cities comes from Uttar Pradesh & Bihar, Spicejet is offering to run flights, to help the migrants' cause.

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