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Fountains at intersections in Lucknow to be made functional in a bid to reduce air pollution

After deploying anti-smog guns, the authorities in Lucknow will now be making use of the old and new fountains at intersections, to combat air pollution in the city. The constantly deteriorating AQI of Lucknow is a matter of great concern and now to effectively reduce dust and air pollution all fountains in the city will be made functional. Once operational, these fountains are expected to reduce the dust particles in the air.

Along with this, traffic will also be managed so as to reduce roadblocks during rush-hours indorder to control vehicular emmisions and thus, air contamination. Notably, orders to keep a check on the sale of building materials in open, especially in sensitive areas such as Aishabhagh and Talkotra, have also been given by the DM.

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Air quality drops to 'poor' category in Lucknow on Friday with an AQI of 256

Despite the isolated drizzle on Friday morning, Lucknow's reported an average AQI of 256, across the 6 monitoring stations here, pushing the city's air health in the 'poor' category. While Lucknow has been witnessing a rise in air pollution in the last 17 days, the air current air degradation can also be pinned on the dipping mercury. Health officials, in this regard, have advised people to keep a check on the continuously changing AQI, as the falling temperature is likely to downgrade it further to 'severe' or 'very poor' categories.

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Rise in the AQI level causes trouble in Lucknow

On Sunday, Lucknow's overall Air Quality Index level was found to be 260. The city has been experiencing smog and visibility issues since the day of Diwali. The AQI peaked on Thursday with 302 points.

Yesterday, the Talkatora Industrial Area experienced the worst air quality with 378 points. Anything over 300 points is considered to be 'very poor'. The Gomti Nagar Area was the second-worst hit with 270 points. One of the primary reasons behind this sharp downfall in Air Quality was the bursting of firecrackers as part of Diwali celebrations that continued throughout the night on Thursday.

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New war rooms to be set up in Lucknow, Kanpur & other major cities in UP to combat air pollution

Gearing up for the fight against air pollution, the govt of Uttar Pradesh has decided to set up war rooms in Lucknow, Kanpur and other major cities. The new infrastructure will be set up under the authority of the Road Dust Management and will keep a check on various sources of pollution. As per reports, similar war rooms will also be set up in NCR districts to improve the overall air quality in UP.

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Lucknow wakes up to dense fog, weather to clear up next week

Lucknow remained covered in a mask of thick fog on Saturday morning, shrouding the city in 'zero-visibility' due to variable and calm low-level breeze. As per forecasts, similar weather conditions are expected to extend until tomorrow, after which, the days might clear up.

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