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Regal & divine, THESE 7 lesser-known Imambadas of Lucknow are a testament to Awadh's rich past!

Lucknow's widely popular Bada and Chhota Imambadas are a part and parcel of the city's heritage tourism but going beyond them, there are more than a dozen of such structures which require our equal attention. Once teeming with flocks of people for a variety of events and gatherings, these archaic establishments have lost their significance through the course of time. Repositories of forgotten days, here are 7 lesser-known imambadas from the City of Nawabs, that guarantee you a finer exploration of Lucknow's legacy!

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Have you ever noticed a pair of fish in Lucknow's historic architecture? Take a closer look here!

Adorned with artistic gateways and magnificent buildings, Lakhnawi architecture encapsulates royal heritage and historic splendour. Right amidst an array of allures, lies the symbolical representation of fish, which would undoubtedly hold your attention if you have an eye for fine details and exquisite expertise. Inspired by the esteemed military honour called 'Mahi Maratib', this piece of art enthrals all visitors in contemporary times, making them wonder about the underlying history and the mystery!

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Approximately 67-km away from Lucknow, there's a botanical 'miracle' piquing our curiosity!

The Parijaat tree of Kintur, Barabanki, is a one-of-a-kind tree that has an origin story tracing back to the Mahabharat. Placed under a peerless category by scientists, this seedless and fruitless tree cannot be propagated by any means known to mankind. If this tree has nudged your scientific curiosity or religious penchants, then plan a visit today to eternally encapsulate this botanical marvel in your memory.

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21 facts about Lucknow that will blow your mind!

Lucknow is popular for its archaic buildings, its rustic heritage and a rich culture but there are several facts about the city that are unknown to most people. So, read these 21 amazing facts listed below and see how well you know your city:

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Lakhauri Bricks, the building blocks of Lucknow's famed architectural marvels

Lucknow is a city that is known for its architectural prowess, its old world charm and all the ancient buildings that dot the cityscape. It is no news that Lucknow is home to monuments and architectural marvels which to this day retain their magnificence, telling the stories of the city's glorious past. From the Rumi Darwaza to Sibtainabad Imambara and many 'kothis' which still adorn the lanes of chowk, Lucknow's architectural splendour takes one back to the Nawabi era when the city was the crown jewel in Awadh's crown.

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