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Lucknow's sewer system to be upgraded with smart sensors by December

The Lucknow Smart City campaign has undertaken yet another project to boost the ease of living and civic adaptability of the city, which includes the task of sewer line repair. Under this development programme, smart sensors will be installed at a height in the sewer manholes, across the city.

The Project Manager of Lucknow Jal Nigam, Piyush Maurya, informed that these sensors will send an alert to the command centre, if and when the drainage water reaches a certain level in the sewer lines. This will ensure the timely cleaning of these, to prevent choking and blocks.

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Roads, parks & green colonies to be at the centre of development projects across Lucknow!

Envisioning a boost for the city's progress, Lucknow Development Authority will start working on the City Development Plan (CDP) from June 17. As per reports, the enhancement of road networks, amelioration of parks and open spaces and the establishment of residential green colonies will be prioritised in the forthcoming scheme. Additionally, important projects for revamping the old and new areas of the city will be identified and included in the plan.

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