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Resumption of OPD services in Lucknow hospitals to ease out the backlog of surgeries!

Taking the plummeting tally of COVID cases into account, all community and primary health centres in the state have started with their OPD operations, to rehabilitate patients with general health issues. Consequently, official orders to start surgical services at all district hospitals in line with the COVID protocols, are in effect as well.

In congruence with the dropping infection count and other related directives of the administration, Lucknow's premier healthcare facilities, including SGPGI and KGMU, have recommenced their OPD functions. Now reportedly, over one lakh patients in the city are in the queue for surgeries as the non-COVID services are back on track.

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O2 concentrators can now be claimed for free by state officials in Lucknow & other UP districts

In a high-level COVID-19 review meeting conducted on Friday, the Uttar Pradesh cabinet has permitted state government officers and employees to avail free oxygen concentrators with their medical reimbursement entitlement. It simply implies that the UP government will incur the cost of O2 concentrators for its employees. The economic respite will be soon authorised by an official circular, as per the directives of the Chief Minister.

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All Community Health Centres in Lucknow & other UP districts to get 20 oxygen concentrators each!

In a bid to augment an enhanced supply of medical-grade oxygen for COVID patients, Community Health Centres in Lucknow, Kanpur and other UP districts will have 20 oxygen concentrators, each. The state cabinet has already issued directives to provide for the availability of the same. The move is set to boost the treatment facilities in Uttar Pradesh, especially benefitting the critically infected coronavirus patients.

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Citizens can now digitally track the availability of beds in Lucknow's Pvt & Govt COVID hospitals!

With an aim to provide comprehensive information about the availability and accessibility of hospital beds for COVID patients in Lucknow, a new online platform has been launched by the city administration. Started by the interim District Magistrate, this virtual platform will hold records of the total number of hospital beds in each of the city's COVID hospitals, detailing the count of occupied and vacant entities for everyone seeking hospital admission.

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Actor Gurmeet Choudhary to open COVID hospitals in Lucknow & Patna with "ultra modern" facilities

The benevolence of several COVID warriors is helping each one of us get through this swirling second wave of coronavirus infection and yet again, another name has found its place on the board of honour. Film and TV actor, Gurmeet Chowdhary, a COVID survivor himself, has been actively involved in creating treatment resources, such as donating plasma and arranging for oxygen needs and hospital beds. Venturing a step further, on Sunday, Gurmeet announced on his social media that he will be opening hospitals in Lucknow and Patna to help with the COVID outbreak in the country.

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