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New Eklavya schools in Lucknow & 3 other UP districts to ensure quality education for the deprived

Adding to the interventions aimed at increasing accessibility and inclusivity in education, the Uttar Pradesh government has planned to establish new Eklavya Model residential schools in four of the state's district. Lucknow is one of the cities that has found a place in the proposal sent to the central government for constructing the schools. With the upcoming educational centre in the city, Lucknow would soon house a residential institute for the children of tribal areas.

State Government's initiative to facilitate education for the underprivileged

While two Eklavya schools are already operating in Bahraich & Lakhimpur, one is undergoing construction in Lalitpur. With the recent plan, schools are bound to come up in Sonbhadra, Bijnor and Shravasti other than Lucknow. According to reports, the project in Sonbhadra has already been financed by the state government through a grant of ₹ 48 crores. Additionally, the state administration has prepared schemes to build 3 more Eklavya educational institutes with an anticipated cost of ₹ 38.

The government of Uttar Pradesh has been working relentlessly towards implementing measures that assure access to standardised quality of education among the deprived children of the society. Through the current initiative, it aims to cover children that hail from tribal regions or far-flung areas under the quality education net.

Country to have a total of 750 Eklavya schools

In the recently announced budget for the new financial year, the Union Finance Minister emphasized enhancing inclusivity in education and declared that 750 Eklavya model residential schools would be set up across the country. This would ensure that quality education reaches the deepest corners of the country.

As of now, the country has 462 Eklavya schools that are trying to provide an infrastructure for comprehensive physical, mental and social development of the children from the deprived regions. With the state government's latest project, Lucknow would add to the list of cities that are facilitating education for underprivileged children.