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Today is the last day to shop decor & fashion products at THIS lifestyle exhibition in Lucknow!

If your festive season celebrations begin with an extravagant shopping bonanza, the 4-day Decor Furniture Lifestyle Show-2021 at the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan in Lucknow is where you need to be. An array of 50 stalls is on exhibit here, with a host of furniture and decor items, lifestyle products, food and condiments, along with fashion labels. The vibrance of this one-stop fair concludes today, so hurry up shopaholics and indulge in its frolic flair!
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In line with the 'new normal', Lucknow's Phoenix Palassio calls you for a fun-filled day-out!

Leading the bandwagon of landmark structures in the city, Lucknow's Phoenix Palassio is evolving as the one-stop destination for an exuberant day-out. Besides satiating shopping trails, the city's largest mall is replete with an alluring array of fun-filled activities and top-notch experiences that can just drive your spirits up! Revamped on the lines of the 'new normal', this shopping centre prioritises your safety with cashless transactions, over 1500+ vaccinated staff, regular sanitisation and real-time customer density counter, amid other things.

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A flagbearer of Begum Akhtar's legacy, Lucknow's Shanti Hiranand won all hearts with her Ghazals!

Lucknow's Shanti Hiranand carried on the legacy of 'Begum Akhtar- the inimitable queen of ghazals', in her performances of gayaki, thumris, bhajans and dadras all across the world. The first disciple of Akhtar, who participated in the ceremony of ganda-bandh (a sacred ritual for induction of pupils), Hiranand was later known as the torch-bearer of her idol. Begum was so fond of Shanti that she added her own surname to her most devoted disciple's name when the latter got a passport made in the 50s.

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The fragrance of a glorious past, Lucknow's attar continues to spin magic with every swatch

The Awadh of yore, the City of Nawabs, Lucknow has gracefully managed to keep alive the token of its rich culture and heritage, through the trials of time, westernisation and contemporary growth. It is, to date, a buzzing centre of cuisine, craft and courtesy, with just the right balance of homely warmth and imperial sophistication.

And this concoction is not the only fragrance that fumes the city- it has a well-designated perfumery legacy for that department, folks! Yes, we are talking about the age-old practice of crafting scents that are popularly known as attar or ittar.

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Shot in Lucknow, THESE 5 short films carry soulful depictions of LGBTQIA+ folks from UP!

Amid the clutches of regressive social norms, queer lives are often lived in the shadows, away from the limelight of the mainstream world. Though the fight ahead still involves a long and arduous journey, we can create an inclusive environment for LGBTQIA+ folks by understanding their issues, in their own light. So, here are 5 heart- touching short films telling tales of queer individuals from Lucknow and other towns of Uttar Pradesh, that deserve to be on your binge-list!

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