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Save up 10% on your daily metro travel in Lucknow with a Go Smart Card!

Lucknow Metro has come back on track since last month after a prolonged period of halt due to the coronavirus. In just about a month's time, this mode of public transport has been witnessing steady ridership, just like the pre-covid era in the city. Ever since its resumption, there has been a major emphasis on contactless travel, top-notch hygiene and ample of social distancing. Further to make the services safer for the citizens who commute via the metro, the authorities are promoting the Go Smart Card for a contactless travel experience.

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Lucknowites turn to Metro trains for safe travel during COVID pandemic, ridership soars over 15,000!

The UPMRC has shared the ridership count of the Lucknow Metro and the soaring tally, crossing the 15,000 mark, indicate the popularity of the public transport system among citizens. The Managing Director of the Uttar Pradesh Metro Corporation congratulated the entire staff and support team for the achievement.

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Dynamically escalating ridership of Lucknow Metro returns to normal

Lucknow Metro resumed services on September 7 after almost 5 months of lockdown due to the coronavirus. In a matter of 2 weeks, the public transports system has picked pace in the city, corresponding close to its pre-COVID-era standards and ridership. The Lucknow District Magistrate appreciated the Operations and Maintenance team with the credit for restoring this quick normalcy with their constant and innovative efforts.

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Lucknow Metro increases 'stay in limit' to ensure controlled traffic for maximum safety

The nationwide Unlock 4 paved way for the Lucknow Metro to relaunch its operations. The public transport system is regulating on its usual time table from 6 AM to 10 PM from in the city. With stringent social norms at the station and precautionary measures in the carriage units, the special transport vehicle is ferrying its local crowd with paramount safety, efficiency and ease. Apart from that, the administration has also extended the 'Stay in limit' inside the metro station premises from 90 to 120 minutes, September 11 onwards. This will definitely help in maximising the safety of the travellers.

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