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Heavy rains lash Lucknow; downpour to continue for the next 2 days, says IMD | In Pics

Heavy downpour in Lucknow has resulted in waterlogging & traffic snarls in many areas of the city. IMD has issued an orange alert as a warning for extremely bad weather with the potential of disruption in commute with road and drain closures and interruption of power supply. A circular issued by the Meteorological Centre further reads that moderate to heavy rainfall, with gusty winds, are most likely to persist through the warning spell.

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Lucknow marks the onset of monsoon on Monday, almost a week ahead of its schedule!

The monsoon winds marked an early arrival in Uttar Pradesh on June 13, granting the citizens a major respite from the long summer days. As predicted by the Indian Meteorological Department, Lucknow welcomed the trade winds on Monday, marking the formal onset of monsoon. The city also experienced moderate pre-monsoon showers on Sunday, up to 10mm, yielding a pleasant Sunday for the city dwellers.

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Rain showers bring a much needed respite to Lucknowites, from the long sultry heat spell

Moderate Showers on Wednesday morning brought a relief to the people of Lucknow who were on the receiving end of a long humid and sultry heat wave. The rains have calmed down the temperatures in the city and this phenomenon is likely to extend for the next 24 hours. With average day temperatures shuttling between 26 to 29-degree celsius, Lucknow prepares for light showers with thunderstorms on Thursday too.

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Lucknow gets respite from scorching heat as monsoons officially land in the city

One of our favourite seasons of the year, monsoons have officially arrived in the state and today, Lucknow offered us a lash of rain as a respite from the intense summer heat. The cloudy skies for the past 2-3 days had been giving us hope and now we're finally under the much-awaited monsoon spell.

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