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Here's all you need to know about Lucknow Municipal Corporation's four-bin initiative

LMC has launched a new four-bin method of waste segregation, in a bid to revamp the city's waste disposal system. The system initially had two bins, currently it has three and now, a new fourth container has been added to the system to make sure that the bio-waste is disposed of separately. While the drive is first being implemented in Lucknow, it might soon be followed in other cities across the state.

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A 'stinky' protest gone viral in Lucknow; Indira Nagar resident 'grills' LMC over piles of filth

In an attempt to grill the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) in context of their lousiness to clean up piles of rubbish, a resident of the Indira Nagar locality in Lucknow, set up a portable barbeque using garbage as fuel, outside his house. Ashutosh Singh, 32, was caught on camera by a passerby, protesting against the mounds of garbage that had not been removed despite pleas to the local municipal body.

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LMC gears up to make flower pots out of cow dung obtained from Lucknow's Kanha Upvan animal shelter

After the earthen diyas garnered a positive response during Diwali, now the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) is prepping to develop flower pots out of cow dung obtained from the Kanha Upvan animal shelter in Lucknow. A.K. Rao, Director, Animal Welfare, mentioned that during Diwali season they had sold about two lakh diyas and based on the positive feedback, the authorities are working to make flower pots from cow dung. As per claims, a few NGOs have already shown interest in the product.

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Lucknow becomes the 1st city from North India to list its municipal corporation bonds on BSE

Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister will visit Mumbai on December 2 to ring the bell at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) during the listing of the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) bonds. During the CM's visit, he will interact with prominent industrialists and Bollywood celebrities and invite them to invest in Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow is the first city, from the north India region, to release the bond of its municipal corporation and soon the municipal corporations of Ghaziabad, Varanasi, Kanpur Nagar and Agra will follow suit. The Rs 200 crore-bond issue was floated just before Diwali and was oversubscribed by 4.5 times to raise Rs 450 crore.

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Viral song 'Ghar se Kachra Nikal' is the new daily morning anthem for Lucknowites!

In an attempt to create awareness and add some fun to the process, Lucknow Municipal Corporation has been using the viral song, 'Gadi Wala Aaya..' while collecting garbage from several localities. So if you hear the song blasting from the garbage trucks, right in the morning, don't be alarmed, it's just a new ritual you'll soon get used to.

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