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Lucknow Municipal Corporation initiates a project to recycle debris into useful products!

As a step towards sustainable development, Lucknow Municipal Corporation has decided to collect and recycle debris and waste materials from demolition sites in the city. Under this initiative, the civic body has planned to establish 8 collection centres across different parts of the district. After the collection of trash substances at these locations, a private agency will take them to the treatment plant for recycling purposes.

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After pink police booths, pink toilets to come up at prominent markets in Lucknow

In a bid to boost sanitation during the monsoon months, the Lucknow Safe City Project has fast-tracked the establishment of 'Pink-Toilet' across the district. Very soon, women-only public restroom spaces will become operational at several locations in Lucknow, creating clean, hygienic provisions for the female folk here.

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Lucknow hosts a mega plantation spectacle on the occasion of World Environment Day today!

In a bid to commemorate the occasion of World Environment Day, the Lucknow Mayor 'sowed the sapling' of a mega plantation drive at the Rahimabad Atal Udaya Forest today. Backed by the Lucknow Nagar Nigam, this green initiative intends to plant around 1 lakh plants across 5 hectares of land in the city. Streamlined with this, around 400 oxygen-rich plants were seeded in different localities of Lucknow by the municipality on Saturday, powered by its alliance with the Anantsheel Welfare Foundation and Goonj Sanstha.

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Viral song 'Ghar se Kachra Nikal' is the new daily morning anthem for Lucknowites!

In an attempt to create awareness and add some fun to the process, Lucknow Municipal Corporation has been using the viral song, 'Gadi Wala Aaya..' while collecting garbage from several localities. So if you hear the song blasting from the garbage trucks, right in the morning, don't be alarmed, it's just a new ritual you'll soon get used to.

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Sakhi Vans in Lucknow, are providing women with free sanitary napkins amid the lockdown!

As a much-appreciated move amidst this lockdown in the city, Lucknow Nagar Nigam has arranged for vans which will distribute free sanitary napkins for women hailing from underprivileged backgrounds, in different areas. Since many pharmacies are running out of this basic commodity and online shopping portals aren't delivering these essentials, this step was promptly undertaken by the concerned authorities.

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