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Public movement without e-pass permitted for THESE categories in Lucknow & other UP districts!

In a bid to prevent people from unnecessarily flocking outside amid peak COVID horror of the second wave, the Uttar Pradesh cabinet has issued an e-pass system for public movement across the state. According to this order, the general public, except those involved in essential services, require an authorised electronic pass to validate their travel. However, in an extension of the e-pass order, the state has clarified ambiguities and listed categories of services alongside public movements, that would not require an e-pass.

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Oxygen cylinder blast at Lucknow's Chinhat area stirs city dwellers amid widespread COVID chaos

While Lucknow stands shrouded beneath a storm of COVID troubles, an incident at the city's KT Oxygen Filling Station in Chinhat, has raised eyeballs across the city. An oxygen cylinder burst out at 3:30 PM on Wednesday while being reloaded at the facility and chaotic circumstances ensued after that. Taking quick control of the situation, the authorities implemented a relief program to help the individuals affected by the blast and further investigation has been initiated.

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Oxygen Express delivers 80 MT of LMO amid rising demands in Lucknow on Tuesday!

Keeping the burgeoning demands of medical-grade oxygen in view, the Uttar Pradesh government has been trying to amplify 02 supplies for Lucknow. In the latest string of developments, the Oxygen Express train from Jamshedpur, transported 10 containers of the life-saving necessity in the city on Tuesday. Starting its journey at 5 PM on Monday, the train reached the Charbagh Railway station at 2:30 PM today, with an approximated amount of 80 metric tonnes of oxygen.

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COVID vaccination drive to prioritize journalists & their families in Lucknow & other UP districts

The Uttar Pradesh government on Tuesday, issued an official statement that focuses on prioritizing the inoculation of journalists and their families members, who are above 18 years of age. The current surge of new COVID cases witnessed a large number of journalists and their families being affected, which led the UP government to take this important step. Since news correspondents are equivalent to frontline workers due to their line of duty, this decision will definitely steer them towards a safer side.

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Lucknow Childline issues new directory for children facing COVID-related distress!

Amid the havoc ushered by the second COVID wave, the Lucknow Child Helpline (1098) has released a list of contact numbers for children in problematic situations. Besides assuring help to kids facing mental and physical issues due to the ongoing crisis, the helpline would also provide relief to those who have lost their family members. Additionally, children whose parents are admitted to the hospitals, will also be aided through this initiative.

Helpline operational for a long time for supporting distressed kids

Speaking to Knocksense, Child Helpline In-charge Krishna Sharma said," The child helpline has been functional from before to assist the children in need. Under this initiative of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, information about distressed children can be given at 1098 and immediate care will be provided to them."

Through this helpline, deserted kids and children facing exploitation and domestic abuse are rescued and the needed care is provided to them. The establishment has been supporting such kids for a long time now.

Helpline numbers for ensuring guaranteed help to COVID-hit kids

Talking about the present COVID crisis, the official asserted, "During the current situation, when the pandemic has taken a ghastly form, we are witnessing deaths of both parents in certain families and the children are left alone. Keeping this in view, this facility has been initiated wherein anyone who spots a troubled child can call and report at the helpline numbers so urgent help can be assured to him/her. If there are relatives to take care of such a child and the family is faced with a need for food or medical supplies, related help will be given to them."

If a child is left all alone without a family, he/she will be presented in front of the juvenile court after a COVID test. After this, the Child Welfare Committee which is functional at the district level, will take care of the child.

Following numbers can be contacted if a need is observed-