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Be a part of Our Swapna, a youth-led NGO in Lucknow & lend a helping hand to the unprivileged

Our Swapna is an umbrella unit, a non-profit foundation that encapsulates welfare tasks of women empowerment, education, healthcare and livelihood among other social benefit and upliftment programmes. This Lucknow based NGO has been the powerhouse of happiness, kindness and generosity this pandemic and runs on the simple idea of its founder, Achyut Tripathi, who says- "Give a smile to get a smile."

Initiating the 'Mission Hands Together' during the COVID-19 rage, Our Swapna managed to distribute essentials in 11 districts and small towns of Uttar Pradesh with the help of a massive 800 member volunteer team. The NGO, aims at being the ray of sunshine in the grim lives of the poor and deprived and believes in consistent action and efforts. The foundation runs on the principle of desire to uplift others because in the founder's words,"stressing and complaining changes nothing, what brings a change is an action backed by willingness and guts. "

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