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Lucknow's Indira Nagar residents face multiple problems as the roads await repair for long!

Almost a month after the city officials decided to improve the condition of roads across two prominent localities in Lucknow, Indira Nagar residents still continue to suffer on account of broken and rough pathways. While some of the roads have been in a shabby state for a long time, the rains have only added to the troubles. Notably, the roads of A-Block, B-Block and other areas encircling the Bhootnath Market require immediate attention and maintenance to ease the commute for local dwellers.

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49 roads in Lucknow's Indira Nagar & Vikas Nagar to be repaired & restored!

In a move to ensure easier and comfortable commute for the city folks, Public Works Department in Lucknow, will undertake restoration and beautification activities along 49 roads of Indira Nagar and Vikas Nagar. Slated for a start in the next 15 to 20 days, this project entails umpteen benefits for thousands of regular travellers. As per the available information, the authorities have already rolled out a budget of ₹15 crores for the repair and mending of 10 roads under this program.

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Lucknow Cantonment Area road to be widened with translocation of around 250 trees!

In an attempt to allow easier traffic movement, the 3.7 km long Lucknow-Varanasi road between MB Club to Lalkurti in Lucknow's Cantonment area will be widened through the translocation of nearly 250 trees. As per the available information, 180 out of these 250 trees are aged between 70 to 80 years. Thereby, the officials have to take great care while executing the process and an approximate amount of ₹2 crores will be spent on the project.

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Lucknow Smart City Project: 33 intersections to be revamped in a bid to streamline traffic

With the aim of carving a modern civic landscape in Lucknow, around 33 intersections in the city will be revamped as part of the Smart City Project. Under this project, state-of-the-art facilities will be installed at prominent chaurahas in the town, augmenting the overall ease of travel. Along with a focus on dissolving the growing traffic woes in the city, the renovation plan also includes beautification of these intersections.

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Residents of Lucknow's Mansarovar Nagar & Transport Nagar to be relieved of route diversion!

In a move to ensure hassle-free commute for the residents of Mansarovar Nagar and Transport Nagar, the authorities have initiated plans to stop the route diversion being faced by them. Due to the construction work of Lucknow Shaheed Path Airport Flyover, traffic was hampered in the region and the vehicles were diverted through a different route. Now, the construction material and other obstacles are being removed to resolve the current problems.

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