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Explore the tranquil side of Lucknow as you walk along THESE 5 ghats of River Gomti!

As per folklore, the story of Lucknow traces its origins to the times of Ramayan and expanding upon this rich cultural heritage, are the ghats of Gomti River, situated in Lucknow. Famous among locals for their architectural nuances and placid scenery, these ghats play myriad roles- ranging from cremation sites to backdrops for film shootings.

Hence, it is only appropriate that a list of these tranquil banks is created, for all those who feel like exploring the City of Nawabs in its entirety. So tag along with us as we catalogue 5 of the famous ghats of Lucknow, that you should know about and visit when the situation permits!

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Tourism places in Lucknow to be open for visitors from June 16 onwards!

After a long interruption caused by the pandemic, tourist spots across Uttar Pradesh are all set to welcome visitors from 16th June. As per reports, the tourism department has issued directives for unlocking the centres and only 100 individuals will be allowed at a time within a campus. While the frequented spots are being revived for the tourists, the authorities have been asked to ensure complete adherence to the COVID protocol so that no lags lead to uncontrolled infections.

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Wetlands being revived to welcome migratory birds as state plans a Sarus Circuit near Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh's Mainpuri district is widely famous for being home to the elegant bird, Sarus Crane, also known as Krounhcha in India. Consequently, with an estimated bird population of around 3000, the wetlands and bird sanctuary of Mainpuri will soon be developed as a Sarus Circuit which will cover an area of 676 hectares. Being developed to promote eco-tourism, it will open for the public once the COVID restrictions are lifted and nature-lovers can once again find respite amid the picturesque scenery of this place.

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Know why Lucknow's traditional Kalai work is a confluence of science & spirituality

"Bhande Kalai kara lo"- it wouldn't be an overstatement to say that the current generation of Lucknowites are mostly unaware of what this phrase means. Kalai is an ancient art that involves the coating of surfaces such as copper and brass, with metals such as silver or tin, to make it safe for culinary use. The evidence of kitchenware with Kalai work has been found in archaeological excavations and historical documentation, which prove that this art form is ancient. A hub of practitioners of this dying art form can still be traced back to the forgotten alleys of Lucknow and today, we shall explore the intelligent application of metallurgy exhibited by these kalaiwalas.

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Ever heard of 'Pearl Palace' in Lucknow? Here's everything you need to know!

An erstwhile provincial seat marked by the glamour and fine taste of Nawabs, Lucknow is home to many art forms and architectural wonders. Among the ancient buildings dotting the landscape of the city, is Moti Mahal, which is also famous as its literal translation, Pearl Palace. Built by Nawab Sadat Ali Khan, the palatial premises of Moti Mahal is a testimony to the lavish lifestyle of the nawabs of Lucknow. So let's take a virtual walk, down the annals of history to know more about this heritage site!

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