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Here's a list of route diversions in Lucknow due to the ongoing MNREGA conference

Due to the MNREGA conference being held in Lucknow, the Traffic Police Department has halted vehicular commute on a number of roads in the city, today and tomorrow. Further, the officials have released a plan of diverted routes for the facility of travellers. As per reports, the event is being organised at the Defence Expo Ground on Raebareli Road and the increased VIP movements have prompted this intervention.

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New signalling system by Lucknow Traffic Police to reduce waiting time at intersections!

Aiming to ensure rapid vehicular movements on the city roads, the Lucknow Traffic Police has implemented a new and inventive way to regulate the traffic rush. Under this initiative, the authorities have deployed a new system for the operation of the traffic lights, wherein the colours are being changed dynamically, based on real-time traffic at the intersections. Through the observations of the CCTV cameras, the officials make a note of the situation and alter signals accordingly.

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'Traffic Brigade' to be deployed in Lucknow for regulation of vehicular movements

In a bid to streamline vehicular movements in the city, a new Traffic Brigade (TBR) will be deployed at major intersections and crowded areas of Lucknow. New individuals will be hired for this purpose, whose task will be to enhance the governance of the traffic conditions. Interested youths will be employed under this initiative and thus, the move does not only focus on improving the traffic in the city but also comes as an employment opportunity for those in need.

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You can now be fined for parking vehicles in front of houses & entry points of shops in Lucknow

If you are troubled by wrongly parked vehicles in front of your homes or shops, you can directly seek help from the Traffic Police Department in Lucknow. Under the latest program, the Traffic Police officials will take care of all your issues through telephonic communication and get your problems resolved at the earliest. For this purpose, the authorities have released a list of numbers that you can contact in case you encounter any such difficulties.

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Helpline numbers launched in Lucknow to provide safe passages for ambulances during VIP movements

Traffic police personnel have decided to divert traffic across the city today due to the President's Lucknow visit. As per reports, while several prominent routes will remain closed due to security reasons, vehicular movement will be rechanneled to alternate routes to ensure that public movement is not disrupted. All road restrictions will be followed until the President's departure to Delhi on Tuesday evening.

Apart from this, helpline services have been initiated for critical patients who get stuck in traffic due to VIP movements. As per reports, emergency helpline numbers and police force will extend support to such patients and ensure special provisions to create safe passage for ambulances.

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