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Orchardists from Madhya Pradesh hire security to prevent theft of rare & costly Miyazaki Mangoes

Mango is the national fruit of India for several reasons, one being the myriad varieties that grow here. Adding to the list of Malihabadi Dasheris from Lucknow and Noorjahan grown near Indore, are the Miyazaki Mangoes which are touted to the most expensive in the world. This variety is native to Japan and has been grown by a couple from Madhya Pradesh, who had to hire guards and watchdogs to prevent the theft of these rare and costly mangoes.

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Madhya Pradesh cops support the vaccination campaign with badges for inoculated persons

In a novel approach to promote COVID vaccination among the general citizens, the MP Police has come up with an incentive-driven motivation scheme. The cops have honoured the vaccinated persons with "I'm a patriot as I'm vaccinated" badge and have parallelly got "Stay away from me as I am not vaccinated yet" tags for those who have not yet gotten the jab. While this simple carrot and stick initiative is expected to scale the aspirational value of the vaccine, people have termed it as social humiliation than social awareness.

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Tackling pandemic woes, Rajasthan's prison authorities conduct e-meets for inmates & their kin

Prison authorities of Rajasthan have arranged the highest number of e-meets for prisoners and their kins. According to data collected between April 1 and June 5, the officials have reportedly conducted 1,00,746 e-meetings, despite the second wave of corona affecting the nation. After Rajasthan, Bihar registered the second-highest number of e-meets arranged at 58,891. The isolation faced by all during this pandemic has made everyone realise the importance of human contact, hence, empathetic authorities ensured that even prisoners get a chance to spend time with their families.

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Grown near Indore, Noorjahan Mango is fetching a queenly price of approx. ₹1000 per piece

The Noorjahan mango variety is cultivated in the Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh, located some 250 km from Indore, and locals trace its origin to Afghanistan. Owing to favourable weather conditions this year, the size and yield of this mango variety have been good as compared to last year. Therefore, this season, the rate of Noorjahan mangoes have skyrocketed with each piece being priced in the range of ₹500 to ₹1000.

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Indore's civic body & health dept conduct tests of those violating COVID norm at major crossroads

Indore Municipal Corporation and the state health department have joined hands to combat the second surge of covid in the city. Joint teams by these two units are conducting COVID-19 tests, at every major crossroad, of those individuals who are seen flouting covid norms. These tests done randomly on individuals, are expected to help flatten the curve in Indore, thereby, easing curfew restrictions at the earliest.

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