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Goa curfew extended till 5th July due to rising threat of Delta Plus variant of COVID-19

Earlier, the curfew in Goa was scheduled to be lifted in the morning hours of June 28. However, on Saturday, the Chief Minister of Goa informed via Twitter that the state-level curfew will be extended till 5th July. This decision has been taken as a precautionary measure against the Delta Plus variant of COVID-19. While no cases of this new strain have been reported in Goa as of yet, its neighbouring state Maharashtra has recorded 21 cases, which is the highest tally noted among all states in India.

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Maha strengthens guard as cases of new Delta Plus variant surface across the state

After fighting against the second wave of the pandemic, Maharashtra stands perturbed with the growing cases of the Delta Plus variant. Suspected to have the potential of causing a third wave, the mutant has been detected in 21 patients across 7 districts of the state, reportedly. The Delta Plus variant has been termed as a 'variant of concern', alerting the state administration and the Health Ministry to execute measures for its control and containment.

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