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Learn a unique 3-player game with 120 playing cards at THIS Maharashtrian town near Goa!

A small town situated near the Maharashtra-Goa border, Sawantwadi was the kingdom of the erstwhile Khem Sawant royal family. A major attraction for tourists who visit this place is the local Ganjifa art, woodwork painting and lacer work, which traces its origin to the 18th-century. If you are looking to step away from the city bustle, then Sawantwadi makes for the perfect getaway, given that you observe COVID-appropriate behaviour.

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Know about THIS town near Goa that is a habitat of the rare Indian Swiftlet

An alluring beach town located on the Konkan coast, almost 110 km from Goa, Vengurla has established itself in history as a famous port town. However, now it is popular among tourists for its long stretch of sandy shoreline nestled amidst high mountains. Let's embark upon a virtual exploration to check out the specialities of this small town!

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Late Harappan Civilization & medieval era artefacts unearthed in Maharashtra

A discovery team led by Bhujang R. Bobade, Director of Heritage Foundation, recently unearthed ancient artefacts at Yawal, Jalgaon, Maharashtra. These discoveries include big and small pieces of pottery and vessels, with pictographic scripts that indicate that these items date to the later era of the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC). The entire team of archaeologists from Maharashtra is extremely excited about this discovery which has prompted more research and investigation in this field.

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Deifying of leopards by Maharashtra's Warli tribe has prompted a better man-wild relationship

Across India, worship of nature as gods and goddesses is a common practice. The latest study by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) India has documented how a big cat worshipped as a deity by indigenous people, has facilitated the coexistence between humans and leopards. An example of Maharashtra's Warli tribe has been cited in this regard, which explains that these people have been worshipping 'Waghoba' (a leopard or tiger deity) to gain protection from leopards, which has prompted their peaceful coexistence.

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India enters export market of dragon fruit as farmers from Maharashtra send produce to Dubai

A consignment of dragon fruit sourced from the farmers of Tadasar Village in Sangli, Maharashtra, was exported to Dubai from India, for the first time ever. As per the Saturday press release by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the export item was processed and packed at APEDA-recognized exporter, Kay-Bee. This fibre and mineral-rich fruit is usually grown and exported from countries like China, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, the USA and Vietnam.

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