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3 Kanpur-based enterprises among 6 from UP to receive recognition at Tally MSME Awards

Bringing fame to Kanpur are the city's 3 MSMEs, that have been awarded under the various categories at Tally MSME Awards 2021. Other winners from Uttar Pradesh are from Dhanauri, Deoria and Varanasi, which takes the total tally of enterprises from the state that have been recognised, to 6.

Initiated by Tally Solutions, this award aims at recognising and celebrating the diversity and impact of micro, small and medium enterprises through their best practices at the grassroots. Read on to know more about this award and the awardees!

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Take a virtual tour of THESE 9 historic spots in Kanpur to look beyond the city's surface

Since the advent of industrialisation in Kanpur, this city has received coverage for its iconic tanneries and mills. But for a city that is claimed to trace its history to the time of Ramayan, historical spots that pay homage to its thriving culture- before the arrival of the Britishers, must surely exist! With this aim in our mind, we bring to you a list of 9 such spots that will help you chart a course in the annals of history and know more about Kanpur.

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THESE 5 famous corporates are carrying forward the legacy of Kanpur as an industrial town

Once famous as the Manchester of East, the textile industry which was rapidly developing in Kanpur around the 20th-century, allayed with the end of British India Corporation. However, the spirit of entrepreneurship survived and several such homegrown brands of prominence have now made a name for their quality goods at the national and international level. So we have curated a list of 5 industry giants based out of Kanpur, in case you missed out on knowing about them from your General Knowledge books!

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Saddle up to read about Kanpur's iconic leatherworking tradition that has put it on the world map

Famously known as the Manchester of East during the yesteryears, the leatherworking of Kanpur is renowned in India and across the globe. Harnesses and horse saddles are being produced by the craftsmen of this city for well over a century now, though a GI tag for Kanpur Saddlery was approved very recently in 2014. Tag along as we take you on a journey through the annals of history to discover how Kanpur established itself on the world map with its unique equestrian apparel.

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