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A jewel gracing the shoreline of Mumbai, Queen's Necklace dazzles amid the brightest in the city

Right from Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi to Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Marine Drive has been immortalised by the Hindi cinema industry and why not?! A sheer spectacle of beauty, driving along this treasured pathway at night can give you the feel of travelling across foreign locations, such as Hong Kong or Singapore. The dazzling lights that illuminate the Marine Drive during the night justify the moniker attached to it- Queen's Necklace. Let's explore the details of this spectacular coastal promenade which attracts tourists from all over the world!

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Since 1953, this Iranian ice-cream parlour in Mumbai has been an essential companion for the locals

Ice-cream is that one dessert which doesn't go to our tummies but straight to the heart! With umpteen ice-cream stores in the city, we're never really at a lack of options for our dessert cravings. We always keep on updating our list with each new kiosk that pops up in Mumbai but there's this one ice-cream parlour which is recommended by even the finickiest of all dessertarians.

K.Rustoms & Co. stands as an unassuming ice-cream parlour on one of Mumbai's busiest streets and taking a drop here, is an essential part of being in Mumbai.

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