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7 places in Lucknow where you can spend your Valentine's Evening with Bae!

Valentine's Day is here and of course, you must be scouting for places and the best deals in the city, where you can take bae for a romantic evening or a kick-ass night out. It's V-Day after all and folks 'round the town are making sure to put their best foot forward to make their beloved fall head over heels in love, all over again!

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These 6 places in Lucknow are offering irresistible offers to make your weekend LIT!

Lucknow has been a witness to major food and beverage evolution in the city, in the recent times because every other day, there is a joint or two popping up with promises of the best grubs we've ever downed. With the advent of popular brands and homegrown outlets here in the city, it truly gets a little heavy on the pockets to keep up with 'em all.

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Have you tried these 7 kick-ass shakes from these places in Lucknow?

Our cravings for shakes can never be satiated by just downing one, once in a while. It's a constant yen at the back of our foodie subconscious which prompts us to reach out for variants of shakes, every other day. Just like a good meal, a perfectly whipped up serving of shake can get us all fuzzy from the insides and put a smile on our faces!

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