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Mumbai-Pune Expressway to soon get an AI-based Traffic Management System

Traffic on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway will soon be streamlined and regulated by the authority of an Intelligent (or Highways) Traffic Management System (I/HTMS). As per reports, the MSRDC has decided to pull the project on a fast track, especially after the two-year delay. The lowest-bidder has been selected to implement the artificial intelligence (AI)-backed application in about 9 to 10 months, after testing.

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First trial success for Virgin Hyperloop; Mumbai-Pune in 25 minutes not a distant dream anymore!

Richard Branson-backed Virgin Hyperloop (VH) which aims to connect Mumbai and Pune with a 25 minute corridor, conducted its first two primary trials that yielded positive results for the project. It is the most expensive public-infrastructure project in the state of Maharashtra which will not only shrink the commute time between Mumbai and Pune but will also generate 1.8 million jobs, directly and indirectly and $36 billion in socio-economic benefits.

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